Advisory Team

A firm is its people, and ours are exceptional!

Our team is made up of talented, independent financial professionals that strive to bring a personal touch to the client experience versus a one-size-fits-all, transaction-oriented approach.

We believe the individual is more important than our bottom line, which is the basis for our fee-based, fiduciary business model.

We care about each person and their circumstances and are passionate about taking the time necessary to learn all we can about our clients. Each personal situation and experience has its own uniqueness which we treat accordingly.  It is our goal to build a long-term relationship with our clients, so it is important that our working together be a good fit for both our team and for the client.

We focus on client’s life issues and challenges, drawing on the experience of our team, until we find strategies and solutions rather than using a product-driven, commission-based approach. Because we want to treat every client as if they were our only one, we focus the talents of our team on an attention to detail in both the planning and service functions of our firm.

Because we want to provide the most current and specific information to our clients, we have developed long-time connections with other networked professionals to support our efforts to be of assistance in all areas of our clients lives.